Donations and Sponsoring

Our Sponsors

We are deeply grateful to our sponsors for their support:

Recoma AG, 8604 Volketswil

You want to support us with a sponsorship? Your contribution is fundamental for us to keep our service upright and expand it further.



The Doula CH association  is reliant on the support by donors and sponsors. Postage, website maintenance and costs for the public work cannot be provided for solely through member contributions. Thus we are reliant on your help.

Bank details:
Raiffeisenbank Schwarzwasser 
3150 Schwarzenburg 
Verband Doula Schweiz 
Konto-Nr: 30-30296-8 
IBAN: CH16 8086 0000 0039 7159 7

The Doula CH association is also happy to be contacted by your firm or employer regarding supporting us through a sponsorship. Please contact us through for further information. 

Sponsoring contributions from Fr. 250.- will be published on our website.