Doula training

Why the training?

The Doula CH association advocates the opinion that it is important to complete a training to become a doula.


In the past the traditional knowledge on pregnancy, birth and the dealings in the new living situation was passed down through generations. This old knowledge has been lost in the new living conditions and the relocation of birth to the hospitals.

In the context of the doula training this “old” knowledge is combined with the current studies and experiences and passed on to the doulas and put to practice.

For outsiders who are interested in a doula companionship, it is hard to assess how much knowledge a doula can offer, who has not completed the training.

Furthermore, the training is laid out to comply with the ethical codex, which is also fundamental in the association.

For these reasons the Doula CH association only employs doulas that have completed a recognised training and thus proves the professional level of her work.

The various trainings, which is listed on this website, all work closely with the association and are all approved by it.

Doulas who have completed their training abroad and are interested to be admitted to the association are welcome to contact the office directly




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