Frequently asked questions (FAQ) – What is a Doula?

1. How do I find a doula?

2. What happens if the requested doula does not have the time and I want to avoid asking further doulas?

3. There are no doulas in my region. How should I proceed if nevertheless I wish to have an accompaniment?

4. Do doulas also accompany unassisted childbirth?

5. Does healthcare cover the costs of a doula accompaniment*?

6. Is it possible to make use only of the conversations without the birth accompaniment?

7. In case of a C-section, can my doula still accompany me into the operating theatre?

8. Can my doula accompany me into every hospital?

9. Do doulas also accompany home births or a birth centre?

10. In what do the differences consist between the work of a doula and a midwife?

What is a doula?

While the midwife is responsible for all things medical, the doula serves to enhance the care of the family by providing physical, emotional and educational support before, during and after birth. She is a non-medical professional trained in working with families during the childbearing year. The benefits of this ancient role were rediscovered in the 1970s through a study done by Drs John Kennell and Marshall Klaus. We invite you to explore our website and learn how a doula can support you during this transformational journey.

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