Why a Doula?

Why a Doula?

Doula birth companion: giving birth in a secure atmosphere

“Thanks to my husband, doula and midwife I felt sheltered and cared for in every aspect. In case of a second pregnancy it would be clear for us that we would seek the care and accompaniment of a doula once more. Thank you very much!”

Support before …

The accompaniment begins in the last trimester of the pregnancy, or if required already earlier. During this time the woman/couple gets to know the doula and discuss the coming changes and events. Open questions, expectations and needs concerning the birth and the first months as a family are thoroughly addressed.

Through this joint preparation a bond of trust is formed, through which the couple - especially the becoming mother - feels a growing security. Ordinarily the doula’s on-call period starts two weeks prior to the birth date, which means that she is reachable by phone around the clock, ready for the birth to start.

… during …

The doula accompanies the woman either already at home, or they meet at the hospital/birth centre. The doula remains present during the whole process of the birth, regardless of the time it should take.

During the birth, the doula will provide the mother with emotional and practical support, and can provide practical help through her technical knowledge and experience. Through her reserved and watchful presence she supports the birthing mother to trustfully give in to the birthing process and actively shape it. The woman can fully abandon the responsibility over the well being of the partner and solely focus on the birth process, as the doula is the contact person for them also.

The doula gives the father the space and opportunity to help shape the birth as his own experience. He is supported and relieved of other duties so he can fully focus onto the emotional connection to the mother and the child. The doula can also guide the becoming father for a sensible involvement in the birthing process, as to avoid him feeling helpless and superfluous. Through the constant presence of the doula he will also have the opportunity to withdraw in case of necessity.

The child feels the created security. It is influenced by the birth, by the loving reception and the first contact with the parents.


… and after the birth of your child.

Ordinarily two postnatal discussions take place, during which the birthing experience with the doula is reviewed. These talks help to elaborate the birth and in provide a more conscious transition into the new stage of life. In case of questions and insecurities concerning the new daily routine, the doula will remain at disposal as a person of trust during the first months after the birth. We gladly provide helpful addresses and contacts..

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What is a doula?

While the midwife is responsible for all things medical, the doula serves to enhance the care of the family by providing physical, emotional and educational support before, during and after birth. She is a non-medical professional trained in working with families during the childbearing year. The benefits of this ancient role were rediscovered in the 1970s through a study done by Drs John Kennell and Marshall Klaus. We invite you to explore our website and learn how a doula can support you during this transformational journey.

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