List of Doulas

Here is a glimpse of English-speaking doulas, members of the association.


First name



Widmer-Haller* Cindy
1009 Pully
Celar Ivankovic* Marina
8912 Obfelden
Rodrigues Nadia
1110 Morges
Petrova  Maria
1208 Genève
Seidenstein* Céline
1233 Bernex/ GENEVE
Piantino Elena
1260 Nyon
Black* Jennifer
1822 Chernex
Gerber Aline
2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds
Kalau Mary
3360 Herzogenbuchsee
Burri Kathrin 5642 Mühlau
Inderwildi Bonivento Laura
6949 Comano
Collazo Gisela
8003 Zurich
Macsay Corina
8041 Zurich
Hollenstein Denise
8610 Uster
Götz Nicole
8810 Horgen
Taurer Carolin
8853 Lachen
Sidler Priska
9410 Heiden
Castore Giulia
6900 Lugano
Gomez Lara
4132 Muttenz
Manuel Aurélie
1219 Le Lignon

What is a doula?

While the midwife is responsible for all things medical, the doula serves to enhance the care of the family by providing physical, emotional and educational support before, during and after birth. She is a non-medical professional trained in working with families during the childbearing year. The benefits of this ancient role were rediscovered in the 1970s through a study done by Drs John Kennell and Marshall Klaus. We invite you to explore our website and learn how a doula can support you during this transformational journey.

Contact Info

Association Doula Ch, Route de Bertigny 9 - 1700 Fribourg
Phone: Sabine Lanfranchi 077 418 71 37